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Summary of Russian films (1908-1917) “Базa дореволюционных кинолибретто — кратких описаний игровых фильмов, которые публиковались в кинопрессе. Всего собрано 875 текстов. Мы просмотрели все главные…

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Human Subject

According to the federal regulations 45 CFR 46.102 (Protection of Human Subjects 2009), a human subject is a “living individual about whom an investigator (whether…

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Research is defined by federal regulations at 45 CFR 46.102 (Protection of Human Subjects 2009), as “a systematic investigation including research development, testing, and evaluation,…

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Informed Consent

Informed consent includes both the process of sharing information and documenting that the process took place. To ensure that potential subjects can truly make informed…

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Thick Dialogue

An approach to interview taking.  In The Battle of Valle Giulia, Alessando Portelli defines “thick dialogue” as the dialogue, in which “questions arise dialectically from…

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